Lice: Better safe than sorry

Lice have accompanied human beings for thousands of years, although it is not a disease such as coronavirus or other diseases that can be fatal, but a very annoying infestation that every year affects hundreds of thousands of people, causing itching, dizziness and costs to millions of families around the world, which undermine our quality of life, both personal and social, so today we will talk about how to prevent lice.

If a person is infested by lice and nits, from Joopi Kids we offer an infallible remedy to eliminate them naturally and without chemicals, but before they need a treatment, how to prevent the appearance of lice and nits?

First of all, when dealing with the prevention of lice and nits we should know some questions about these undesirable parasites, for example we know that lice neither jump nor fly their main form of transmission between hosts is through direct contact and each time of the year favors contact in some way. So in winter with the cold is common to share blankets and hats that can act as a vehicle transmitter for lice and nits, as the spring approaches and carnival wigs lead to a considerable increase in cases of infestation by these parasites and with the arrival of summer camps, physical contact games, grass … is a problem present throughout the year worldwide.

After being well informed about how lice are transmitted and taking the necessary preventive measures, taking special care with hats, scarves, wigs, towels… we can still put an end to all the necessary measures with a lice infestation in our house. What else can we do?

Nature gives us a wise answer when we discover Quassia amara vinegar, an extract that comes from the plant with the same name through which we manage to generate a thin protective layer on the hair that prevents lice and nits from nesting. By combining Quassia amara vinegar with tea tree oil we obtain a compound of two 100% natural products that will help us prevent the appearance of lice and nits in an effective way while moisturizing and caring for the hair.

So we find that to prevent lice and nits effectively we must combine two fundamental ways, firstly to know how they are transmitted and to pay special attention to those clothes that can be shared according to each time of the year, as well as using natural products that help us to prevent. There are many products on the market that can be useful to us, but as it could not be otherwise from Joopi Kids that we are experts in the prevention and elimination of lice and nits we recommend the range of products Joopi Kids that are 100% natural and combine the Quassia Amara’s Viangre with the Tea Tree Oil for the hair care of the whole family, with a fragrance that both adults and children love.

You can currently find the Joopi Kids range of products in our specialized centers around the world as well as on Amazon. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible. If you have not managed to prevent the appearance of lice and nits in your home, do not worry, at Joopi Kids we have the best treatment at the best price, you can make an appointment at any of our centers and we will help you to solve your problem.