Joopi Magic® the best solution against lice and nits

The best lice machine against lice and nits. Get rid lice with Joopi Magic® 

Joopi Magic® is an advanced device for the treatment of head lice and nits developed by Joopi Kids that allows you to combine the power of aspiration with a lice comb and the application of controlled heat for the complete elimination of lice without damaging the hair, all in one machine!

This combination allows your business to be more efficient by needing only one machine for the whole treatment, with the added benefit of being a totally natural, non-chemical way of eliminating head lice.

Joopi Magic® has the full European CE certification and is present in many countries around the world.

What does JOOPI MAGIC offer you?

  • If you have an already established business you can obtain our Joopi Magic® device to boost your business and dominate your local market by offering the best lice and nits treatment.
  • If you want to start your own lice and nits treatment center you can purchase Joopi Magic® for your new business.
  • We also offer you the possibility of becoming the exclusive distributor of the Joopi Magic® for your country.
  • A low investment for high profitability.
  • Complete technical service at your disposal.
  • And the full support of the Joopi Kids team for guide and training!

The best treatment against lice and nits, recomended by pediatricians and dermatologists

Thanks to Joopi Magic you can offer the best treatment on the market, with a computer-controlled heat that eliminates lice and nits without damaging the hair and that thanks to its suctioning action with lice comb removes them permanently and naturally


Thanks to Joopi Magic® and its heat controlled by a patented chip, we manage to eliminate lice and nits without damaging the hair or causing discomfort.


Once the lice and nits have been dehydrated by the heat of Joopi Magic®, we hydrate the hair before continuing to the next step.


Joopi Magic® also incorporates a suctioning action with a lice comb that permanently eliminates the lice and nits dehydrated by heat.

Avaible for spaces as little as 5M2 (54ft2)

Joopi Magic® can be implemented in any room, in any business. If you have a hairdresser, a beauty salon, an aesthetic clinic or whatever the nature of your business, you only need a 5m2 (54ft2) space to be able to perform the complete treatment.

rid of lice

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