We want to tell you about Joopi Magic®, a unique technology on the market developed by the Joopi Kids R & D & I department, a machine to permanently and completely remove lice and nits.

The technology we have developed bases its function on two critical aspects. Firstly, thanks to the heat, we can quickly dehydrate and eliminate lice and nits that may be on the scalp. The great difference with other technologies that claim to be similar is that the heat provided by Joopi Magic® is strictly controlled to be totally harmless to humans, without causing any discomfort while reaching enough temperature to undertake its purpose, killing lice and nits through dehydration.

Other technologies that claim to be similar do not have this strict heat control developed by Joopi Kids, which causes discomfort to many customers who complain about the abrasion it produces, this problem will never be found with Joopi Kids and its unique treatment in the market.

Secondly we find the aspiration, once the lice and nits are dehydrated we find in the same machine an aspiration with a litter that definitively eliminates the remains left by the controlled heat process, thus leaving the hair completely free of lice and nits, being a one of the only machines on the market approved for human use that incorporates heat dehydration and suction with lendrera in the same equipment, without having to use two different machines and, above all, without having to use any chemical product.



Our Joopi Magic® technology, as well as all Joopi Kids products, have different certifications such as the CE, the European Certificate of Conformity, which guarantees that the use of our products is completely reliable and suitable for human use.

Furthermore, from Joopi Kids we have the permits, approvals and requirements necessary to operate outside the European Union, as evidenced by our presence in countries such as Puerto Rico or Mexico.

If you want to know more about our technology or our products, do not hesitate to contact us for more details and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Prevent lice

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