Professional lice comb: Joopi Comb

Professional lice comb designed and developed by Joopi Kids. «Double X» design with the highest towing power on the market. Removes lice and nits quickly and effectively.


¿ How to use the professional lice comb Joopi Comb??

The Joopi Comb professional lice comb is suitable for home use, to use the lice comb correctly and get the most benefit from its use, follow these steps:

Step 1: Preparation

The first step is to prepare everything you need to get started:

  • COMB

To prepare all the material, cover a tray with aluminum foil, use one part to put all the utensils, the other cover it with white paper, it will be the place where you clean the flusher in each pass and so you can see the result. In this way you will have in the same tray everything that you have to disinfect later and you will not run the risk of infesting more areas.

Before finishing the preparation and starting to pass the cleaning, cover the person to be treated with a disposable layer, if possible of light color, to prevent lice or nits from falling on the clothes spreading the infestation. Covering yourself in the same way will help prevent spread as well as add complicity in the case of the little ones. You can use a garbage bag by making a hole for the head as a disposable cape.

Step 2: Action!

Detangle hair


Using a good conditioner like Joopi Kids Preventive Conditioner, brush the hair until it is detangled.

Part hair


With the help of hair clips, divide the hair into different work areas. The number of zones will depend on the amount of hair.

Moisturize hair


Before going through the scrubber, we must moisturize the hair. For this we will use the same conditioner with which we have brushed previously.

Passing the lice comb


Time to pass the Joopi Comb: For each previously hydrated partition we will pass the lice comb from the root to the tips several times.

Cleaning lice comb

lice comb

Every time you pass the lice comb, you must remove the remains, lice and nits, which remain in the fingertip. Use the white paper to keep the area clean.

Delicate areas


Once we have thoroughly finished the entire process on each hair partition. Go over the nape, behind the ears and on the sideburns.

From Joopi Kids we recommend doing this process at least once a week. The more it is practiced, the faster it will be to do it and we will ensure the prevention of lice and nits, assuming this custom in our good hygiene practices. The combined use of this practice with the Preventive Products Joopi Kids rich in Quassia Amara, will prevent the appearance of lice and nits in your environment.

Joopi Comb has been developed by Joopi Kids thanks to their experience helping thousands of families to remove lice and nits naturally. The strength of its tines and Joopi Comb’s Double X micro-ribbing make it the best professional option available to all households to combat lice and nit infestations naturally and effectively.

Step 3: Order your Joopi Comb

lice comb

You can order your Joopi Comb from anywhere in the world. Our special prices for partners and distributors will make you get a big profit. Fill in the following form to contact us and we will tell you how you can distribute our products.

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